– International carrier for French and English Businesses

– One price inclusive of all ferries, tolls and border charges

– Trade internationally on auction sites such as eBay

– Live in France – Shop in England

Our client base is made up of both private individuals and businesses both in the UK and France.

Our cost efficient transport service offers business customers an easy way to increase their sales and trade goods internationally as well as allowing private individuals to buy and sell large or heavy goods on auction sites such as eBay with less territorial restrictions.

Secure and reliable transport for British ex-pats in France

As our reputation continues to grow, we are quickly becoming the number one transport provider for the thousands of British ex-pats residing in France. Whether it’s assistance in the transport of personal effects or a new purchase that is cheaper or only available in the UK, we deliver allsorts from loft insulation, paintings and car parts to full kitchens, bathrooms and 3 piece suites.

Transport furniture to your home in France

Some of our clients own a second home in France and need furniture or DIY hardware transporting over, but whatever the consignment and whatever the reason, our Anglo-French shuttle is the quick, cheap and easy way to get whatever you need to wherever you need it.