Delivery from the UK to Limoges

Our reputation is built on maintaining yours

- Cost efficient delivery between the UK and Limoges

- Any size, any weight, only pay for the space you need for deliveries to Limoges

- Secure, direct, weekly Anglo-French transport shuttle from the UK to Limoges

- Uniformed, professional, courteous drivers

DJB Couriers are proud to introduce ‘The Channel Hopper’, our weekly Anglo-French transport shuttle, offering you an easy, cheap reliable transport service between the UK and all areas of France, including Limoges.

Transport to and from the UK and Limoges

Our shuttle service is perfect for delivering furniture, car parts, agricultural machinery, fragile antiques, in fact practically anything from the UK to Limoges.

Professional delivery service to Limoges

Our track record is unsurpassed in providing a secure and professional service and we are as popular with French businesses looking to increase their UK sales as we are with English ex-pats looking for a cheap way to deliver UK goods to their homes in and around Limoges.

It couldn’t be simpler, once we receive your instructions, our dedicated Anglo-French shuttle will collect your goods at an agreed time and it will not leave the vehicle until it reaches its destination, eliminating the risk of damage associated with multi-vehicle logistics and overnight pallet services.

We deliver from all over the UK to all over France

So whether you need to deliver a bed from Birmingham to Bordeaux, a wardrobe from Warrington to Wattrelos, machinery from Manchester to Marseille, loft insulation from London to Lyon, a pallet from Peterborough to Paris, or anything from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in France or vice versa then make us your first call.